So I was wondering how to start things off, because I have hundreds of different ideas for things to do here, but I wasn’t sure how to get the ball rolling. So I’m going down the rather obvious route of doing a meme. I’ve gathered together a bunch of the 30 day horror movie challenges that have been doing the rounds on tumblr, and I’ve added some of my own in order to put them all together in one glorious, epic horror movie challenge amalgamation. So without further ado, here is the list I will be taking on.

1. Your favourite slasher

2. Your favourite monster movie

3. Your favourite anthology

4. Your favourite silent horror

5. Your favourite psychological horror film

6. Your favourite science fiction horror film

7. Your favourite horror film involving the occult

8. Your favourite horror comedy

9. Favourite 30’s horror

10. Your favourite childhood themed horror film

11. Your favourite horror film remake

12. Your favourite foreign horror film

13. Your favourite horror film involving the powers of Hell or Satanism

14. Favourite 40’s horror film

15. Your favourite medical horror film

16. Your favourite horror themed TV show

17. Your favourite made for TV horror film

18. A horror film you used to hate, but now like

19. Your favourite horror film to watch as a child

20. Your favourite guilty pleasure

21. Your least favourite horror film of all time

22. A movie that scared you as a child

23. Horror film that was ruined by the ending

24. Favourite 60’s horror

25. Favourite contemporary actor in a horror movie

26. Best special effects in a horror film

27. Best CGI in a horror film

28. Horror movie that should be seen on the big screen

29. A must see movie for every horror movie lover

30. A horror movie that delivered a scary theatre experience

31. A disappointing or unnecessary remake

32. A scene or image burned into your mind

33. Movie that kills off countless main/named characters

34. Excellent use of sound effects

35. Doesn’t seem to scare people as much as it scares you

36. An incredibly twisted movie

37. A terrifying inanimate object

38. A movie that you like to introduce to people

39. A bad first movie with a great sequel

40. Wonderful use of lighting

41. Horror movie plot you would least like to end up in

42. A formidable antagonist

43. An egregious misuse of the “based on true events” claim

44. A painfully suspenseful movie

45. A frightening dream sequence/hallucination

46. A badass post/pre-kill one liner

47. A movie with unsettling scenery

48. A horror movie that gives you nightmares

49. A horror movie that only makes you laugh

50. A frightening child actor

51. Graphics that pull you out of the movie

52. An effective jump scare

53. Excellent use of soundtrack

54. An aggravatingly incompetent protagonist

55. A terrifying creature

56. A horror movie that is hard to watch

57. A great horror movie with a terrible past

58. Your favourite final scene, scare or image

59. Favourite 60’s horror

60. The most underrated horror film

61. A movie that makes you happy

62. A movie that makes you sad

63. A movie that makes you sad

64. Favourite love story in a horror movie

65. The most surprising plot twist or ending

66. Favourite 70’s horror

67. Favourite classic movie

68. A movie you used to love but now hate

69. A movie that disappointed you most

70. A movie you wish more people had seen

71. Favourite movie based on a book

72. Favourite movie from your favourite actress

73. Favourite action movie

74. Favourite documentary

75. Favourite animation

76. The one awesome movie idea that hasn’t been made into a movie

77. A movie you like that everyone hates

78. Favourite movie from your favourite director

79. Favourite movie filmed in black and white

80. Best use of gore

81. The last movie you saw at the cinema

82. Favourite vampire movie

83. A horror movie you think no one has seen

84. Favourite haunted house movie

85. A horror movie everyone likes but you don’t

86. Favourite zombie movie

87. Favourite indie horror movie

88. Favourite 80’s horror

89. Favourite final girl

90. Favourite villain

91. Favourite death scene

92. Horror movie character you identify with

93. Favourite holiday horror movie

94. Horror movie for a chicken

95. Favourite 90’s horror

96. A movie you have watched countless times

97. The best movie I’ve seen in the past year

98. Favourite horror movie of the new millennium

99. The horror film that started your love for horror

100. Your favourite horror film involving a killer animal

101. Your favourite horror film involving serial killers

Obviously I’m not going to be doing one of these every day because frankly I’m not that much of a masochist, and I’m most likely going to be doing other stuff in between, but I figured this would be a fun way to get the ball rolling. Feel free to steal any of these – most of them aren’t mine in the first place.