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1. The Blair Witch Project

Blair_witch_project_720p_www_yify_torrents_com_3_largeNot really dolls in the traditional sense, but these stick figures were a great WTF moment, and the first thing to really give me the creeps when watching this film.

2. Profundo Rosso

6872140920_69c724d47a_cArgento’s Deep Red is full of creepy dolls, but the worst is this fucking robotic monstrosity that just comes out of NOWHERE for NO FUCKING REASON. Ugh.

3. The Conjuring

THE CONJURINGThey did a pretty good job with the possessed doll side story. Though personally I think the doll in the real Annabel case is more sinister.

4. The Doll Master

dollmaster-4A Korean movie that is crawling (literally) with creepy life-size dolls.

5. Tourist Trap

TouristTrap03Spooky singing mannequins with gaping mouths

6. May

may_shot7lPoor May. Times are hard when a wacky looking doll in a glass cabinet is your only ‘friend’

7. Lisa and the Devil

8589281466_b755c6cacc_bThis film is kind of like a cinematic acid trip – you’re never really sure what’s going on. Are the people dolls? Are they becoming dolls? Are they being killed and having doll replicas made of them? Who knows, either way it’s creepy.

8. Dementia 13

8371325474_15db40eb34_bAnother films with a nice selection of creepy dolls to choose from, though the very realistic replica of a dead little girl is the spookiest

9. Rinne

vlcsnap2012020813h00m14This monstrosity shows up throughout this film about the reincarnated victims of a brutal murder

10. Dead of Night

Dead-of-Night-8575_1Hugo has had many successors, but I don’t think any quite managed to out-creep him.