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1. Rose Red

Rose-Red-01Stephen King’s made-for-TV film about a group of paranormal investigators staying in a very haunted mansion didn’t bring much new to the table, but I would put up with an army of ghosts to live there!

2. The Changeling

imgthe-changeling3A bereaved musician takes possession of a beautiful mansion that just happens to be haunted by the ghost of a murdered boy.

3. Profundo Rosso

7018246353_ef334320da_bThe abandoned murder house in Argento’s classic giallo is just stunning. Just look at those Art Nouveau windows! Okay so there are creepy murals and a boarded up room with a corpse in it, but I think that’s a small price to pay.

4. The Masque of the Red Death

7847960898_3137c6d640_bPrince Prospero’s palace is amazing. Check out that bathtub! And the colour-themed rooms are lovely as well.

5. Hell House

8498207193_5dce51da80_bAside from the complete lack of windows and the murderously malevolent presence, this place is just gorgeous.

6. The Haunting

Not-a-place-youd-want-to-spend-the-night.Whether Hill House is haunted or just really messed up, it’s still a beautiful house. Especially the spiral staircase!

7. The Sentinel

7964486206_ea09dbb098_bOkay, so it’s a gateway to hell. But just look at how stunning that apartment is!

8. Skeleton Key

the_skeleton_key_2005_ben_speaks_to_carolineAfter visiting New Orleans I’m even more in love with the Old South houses than I was before.

9. The Uninvited

Windward-HouseA haunted house by the sea. So lovely, despite being a little too close to the cliffs.

10. The Woman in Black

woman-in-black-the-estateEel Marsh House might not have the best location, but it’s still pretty awesome. I don’t have or want children, so I should be fine.