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With all the romanticism surrounding vampires these days, I thought I’d revisit some films that actually portray them as hideous monsters instead.

1. Nosferatu – Count Orlok

Nosferatu09The original rat-faced creature of the night

2. Fright Night – Amy

fright_night-orig_600All of the Fright Night vamps are pretty nasty when they’ve got their game face on, but Amy’s huge drooling mouth is especially creepy.

3. Salem’s Lot – Barlow


While obviously taking cues from Nosferatu (in the novel, Barlow is pretty regular looking), the head vamp in ‘Salem’s Lot is pretty horrifying, especially on the first reveal.

4. Vampyr – the doctor

Vampyr22The creepy old man who is always lurking in the background in this surreal early horror.

5. Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Dracula

gary_oldman_draculaOver-stylised it may be, but Gary Oldman was most definitely icky in Coppola’s adaptation. The hair didn’t help.

6. Let the Right One In – Eli

9202605288_33f769c89f_bMostly Eli looks like a regular kid (albeit one that needs a bath), but sometimes her face morphs into… something else, and it’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of thing that’s really unnerving.

7. 30 Days of Night

2007_30_days_of_night_0171I’ll be honest, it’s mostly the sound they make.

8. From Dusk Till Dawn – Satanica

from-dusk-til-dawn-slaveryWhen she’s not being smoking hot and dancing around in a physics-defying bikini, Satanica is a terrifying lizard woman.

9. The Lost Boys

The-Lost-Boys-the-lost-boys-movie-448910_600_423You can’t tell me the makeup people for Buffy didn’t get inspiration from the vampires in this film.

10. Black Sabbath – Gorca

8592864355_582bff26a9_bA late role for Boris Karloff, he plays a patriarch who returns from a vampire hunting expedition with something… not quite right about him.