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1. The Seventh Victim

Seventh Victim #3A satanic cult attempt to drive Jacqueline Gibson to suicide after they think she has betrayed them.

2. The Black Cat

7894578968_06346f02a7_bBoris Karloff plays Hjalmar Poelzig, a war criminal and leader of a satanic cult.

3. Rosemary’s Baby

large_rosemarys_baby_blu-ray_03An unlikely group of devil worshippers living in an urban apartment.

4. The Wicker Man

7902671822_287814f951_bAn isolated pagan community who take their apple harvest extremely seriously

5. Santa Sangre

Santa-Sangre-8628_7A circus performer leads a sect devoted to the Church of Holy Blood.

6. Kill List

Kill ListTwo hit men are given a list of people to assassinate, but somehow it all seems connected to a mysterious cult, and they find they are a part of a ritual that is far beyond their control.

7. The Devil Rides Out

7401776396_67d1a71cbf_bSatanic cults make another appearance, this time in 1920s England.

8. Children of the Corn

children-of-the-corn-church-blood-stalksThe adult population of a small town are killed, and the remaining children become worshippers of a mysterious entity that lives out in the corn fields.

9. Eyes Wide Shut

still-of-tom-cruise-in-eyes-wide-shutAn elitist New York cult that’s all about masks and sexytimes entraps a young doctor.

10. Martyrs

780A group obsessed with what happens at the point of death perform horrific tortures on people in the hopes of enlightenment.