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In contrast to my previous list, here’s some hardcore violence. With videos where possible. Enjoy!

1. The Omen

Jennings has an unfortunate run-in with a plate of glass.

2. Friday the 13th

Mrs Voorhees bites it. My favourite thing is the way her hands are searching for her head afterwards

3. Sleepy Hollow

This film gives you plenty of beheadings to choose from, but my personal favourite is the one that started it all – the death of the horseman

4. Theatre of Blood

I couldn’t find a video for this one, but the wife of a critic wakes up next to his headless body, and the head turns up later on another of Lionheart’s target’s milk bottle.


5. Severance

The ultimate ‘haha I was right’ moment

6. Se7en


7. Kill Bill

Lucy Liu is flawless. She even decapitates in an aesthetically pleasing way.

8. Halloween H2O

Michael dies again.

9. Phenomena

No video for this one either, but I love the contrast between the actual death scene (which is really quite beautiful, set at a waterfall in the middle of picturesque countryside), and the gross rotting head that’s discovered later. Argento does love his maggots!


10. 30 Days of Night

Damn that one was brutal. I enjoy a vampire film that portrays vampires as real monsters though!