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I’m a librarian and therefore it’s only natural that I have a certain fondness for books. Here’s my tribute to the eldritch tomes that appear in the horror genre.

1. The 9th Gate

8371291378_5cf857b1ff_bA book dealer is commissioned by a wealthy occultist to find and validate the remaining copies of a book said to be co-written by Satan himself.

2. The Evil Dead

evildead-book-pic-2The Book of the Dead – not recommended for late night reading.

3. The Others

the_others_2001_film_book_of_the_deadGrace discovers a photo album full of pictures of the dead – an actual practice in Victorian times as a way of remembering loved ones.

4. Inferno

6841774676_139845d747_bThe book of the Three Mothers – nothing but trouble.

5. Hocus Pocus

Book 2“Boooo-OOOOOOK!” If you didn’t read that in Winifred’s voice, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

6. The Shining


7. Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

The-Book-of-Pure-Evil-www.whysoblu.com_I am still a little heartbroken that this show was cancelled after two seasons, but you should watch it because it’s hilarious and awesome.

8. Nosferatu

Nosferatu03Harker should have paid more attention to those superstitious peasants.

9. In the Mouth of Madness

7501649160_f9fe385094_bDo you read Sutter Kane?

10. The Haunted Palace

vlcsnap-55052This list would be woefully lacking without at least one appearance of the Necronomicon, seen here in the sounds-like-Poe-but-is-actually-Lovecraft Vincent Price vehicle, The Haunted Palace.