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1. Dead Birds

DeadBirds17This film would have benefitted from less CGI, but the designs of the demons are still pretty unnerving.

2. House of the Devil

house-of-the-devil-3Though you know what was even creepier? The hair in the bathroom.

3. Sinister 

sinister_mr_boogieBaghuul is terrifying. Also it’s really fun to say his name. Baghuuuuul.

4. Noroi: The Curse

noroi-capture-kagutabaA great mockumentary about a demon called Cagutaba and his influence over an assortment of people in Tokyo.

5. The Exorcist

Exorcist06Obviously Pazuzu had to be on the list

6. The Evil Dead

movies_the_evil_dead_1The deadites are awesome – I think that Deadite!Linda is the creepiest

7. Blood on Satan’s Claw

satansclaw310713wA devil that harvests bits of skin on the bodies of children.

8. Insidious

9807625256_e351ff3500_bWhile I feel like he suffers from over-exposure later in the film, the first two encounters with this demon are genuinely creepy.

9. Angel Heart 

149_4bd1e34a017a3c63eb000229_1293132816Louis Cipher is a debonaire devil

10. Haxan

8010489416_f5b3566943_bThere’s some great diabolical imagery in this silent classic


Sorry there’s been a gap in posts – my laptop has been off getting fixed. I’m going to try and catch up on the days I’ve missed tonight.