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I have never wanted to have children and these films do not tempt me to change my mind.

1. Kill Baby… Kill!

7031820533_506281ddab_bA ghostly child exacts revenge on the townspeople who left her to die

2. Lost Hearts

losthearts7In this televised production of an M R James tale, two children haunt a young orphaned boy who has come to live with his elderly cousin

3. Sinister

sinister-2So many creepy ghost kids. So. Many.

4. Phenomena

6855023840_25f3f1e5dd_bA young girl with an affinity with insects finds this monstrous child in the house of her teacher.

5. The Innocents

The Innocents 3A governess believes that the children she’s responsible for are haunted, or even possessed, by the ghosts of two corrupt servants.

6. Rec 2

rec2iiWhat’s worse than an evil demon plague zombie? A little girl evil demon plague zombie

7. Blood on Satan’s Claw

480_blood-on-satans-claw-03The children in a rural village form a satan worshipping cult

8. The Children

TheChildren1Kids catch a mysterious illness that makes them homicidal

9. In the Mouth of Madness

7501680848_c3e28561d6_bA whole bunch of mutant children threaten Sam Neill when he visits the fabled town of Hobb’s End.

10. Village of the Damned

village-of-the-damned-originalHighly intelligent, evil alien children are born to the women in a small town. If the kid in the middle looks familiar it’s because he also featured above in The Innocents. I guess he was the go-too creepy child back then.