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Have I mentioned that I love Vincent Price? Have I mentioned that I can do a pretty good impression of him (and Christopher Lee as well, for that matter)? Have I mentioned that I sometimes pretend that he’s my husband and that he sometimes lets me borrow his awesome smoking jackets?

1. House on Haunted Hill – Frederick Loren

7338463780_17475b869a_bI admit, I would happily be Loren’s fourth wife, in spite of the ‘mysterious disappearance’ of the first three

2. The Last Man on Earth – Dr. Robert Morgan

the-last-man-on-earth-3Price gives an emotionally raw performance as the lone survivor of a plague that has turned the rest of humanity into the walking dead.

3. The Abominable Doctor Phibes – Dr. Anton Phibes

6956438598_53447fdc7b_bI admit, my favourite Price roles are the ones where he gets to ham it up to the extent of his abilities, and this is a prime example.

4. House of Wax – Professor Henry Jarrod

HseWax - Vincent PriceThe role that secured Price’s place as a horror icon.

5. The Fall of the House of Usher – Roderick Usher

Vincent Price in House of Usher, 1960.I love the Poe series he did with Roger Corman. He gets some fantastic outfits in this one as well.

6. Witchfinder General – Matthew Hopkins

witchfinder-general-1968--630-75A dark role as the evil Matthew Hopkins (if you enjoy the grim performance, check out Cry of the Banshee where Price plays a similar character).

7. The Pit and the Pendulum – Nicholas Medina

pitandthependulum13Another Poe film – Price plays a man haunted by the death of his wife and doomed to repeat the sins of his forebears.

8. The Tingler – Dr. Warren Chapin

7797190110_9ca4351f14_bWilliam Castle has been described as the P T Barnum of cinema – when this played in theatres he electrocuted some of the seats so audience members would get little shocks when the tingler was ‘released’.

9. The Comedy of Terrors – Waldo Trumbull

the-comedy-of-terrors-originalVincent Price plays a nefarious undertaker and gets to team up with Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone and an elderly Boris Karloff.

10. The Bat – Dr Malcolm Wells

price-batPrice plays an immoral doctor who may or may not be ‘The Bat’ – a mysterious serial killer targeting a small town.