A collection of films featuring people who transform into… something else. In really horrible ways.

1. The Company of Wolves – the traveller

CompanyofWolves38I love this film so very much, and not just because I’m partial to anything that explores the dark side of fairytales. It has some truly horrible werewolf transformations, and my favourite is this one where the wolf pushes out through the man’s mouth.

2. The Fly – Seth Brundle

TheFlyDavid Cronenberg is the king of body horror, and Brundlefly is just gross.

3. Dawn of the Dead – Roger

1978-dawn-of-the-dead550This death scene goes from sad to terrifying when the zombified Roger pulls the blankets down to reveal his shriveled, sunken face.

4. Black Swan – Nina

Black Swan (13)While it might be all in her mind, the episodes where Nina pulls feathers out of her skin, has bloodshot eyes, and her knees bend back are all pretty horrifying.

5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose – Emily

The-Exorcism-of-Emily-Rose-horror-movies-24417027-1280-534What’s really incredible is that Jennifer Carpenter performed all the body contortions herself.

6. An American Werewolf in London

0000215785A masterpeice of practical effects.

7. Cronos – Jesus

cronosFrom kindly grandfather to decaying vampire.

8. The Witches – The Grand High Witch

The-Witches-1024x576I cannot express how much the grand high witch scared me as a child.

9. Slither

slither2006dvdripdualauI couldn’t pick just one – all the transformations in this film are gloriously disgusting!

10. Invasion of the Body Snatchers – pod people

invasion-of-the-body-snatchers-1956-pods-hatching-greenhouseSeeing the half-formed pod people in the greenhouse is especially creepy.