Some films have protagonists you can’t help but root for.

1. Ginger Snaps – Brigitte Fitzgerald

3-GINGERSNAPSBrigitte starts out firmly in the shadow of older sister Ginger, but when Ginger starts turning into a werewolf Brigitte comes into her own. She’s resourceful and determined, wanting to stand by her sister but not willing to lose herself in the process.

2. The Evil Dead – Ash

evildead2bdcap1There’s not much I can say about Ash that hasn’t been said already. He’s one of the great horror heroes.

3. American Mary – Mary Mason

AmericanMary11I’ve recently fallen in love with this film. Mary is a brilliant, if slightly psychotic, protagonist. She’s smart and tough and you really don’t want to mess with her.

4. Tremors – Earl and Valentine

Tremors-3-1024x550One of the greatest bromances of all time.

5. Night of the Comet – Regina and Samantha

Night-of-the-CometTwo sisters are among the only survivors of the apocalypse and take it all in their stride. “Daddy would’ve gotten us uzis.”

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Nancy

nancy1Not only does Nancy figure out how Freddie operates, she’s willing to fight him on his own terms.

7. Dawn of the Dead – Peter

600px-Ken_foree_dawn_of_the_deadPeter is not only great at killing zombies, he’s also a caring friend. Even when he wants to give up, he keeps on fighting.

8. Zombieland – all

zombielandleadIt’s impossible to pick just one of the four leads – they’re all badass in their own way.

9. The Silence of the Lambs – Clarice Starling

SilenceoftheLambs27Probably my favourite horror heroine. Clarice isn’t just an archetype, she’s a real woman. She’s intelligent, vulnerable and able to cope in a field dominated by men.

10. The Devil Rides Out – Richleau

7401732144_88ee5e0210_bI know I’ve written about him before, but Christopher Lee as Richleau is brilliant. He fights satanists and looks mighty good doing it.