So once again  I’ve been crap at keeping up with this blog, largely due to finishing off PhD stuff and moving house. It’s been stressful but I still managed to do some great horror-related stuff, most significantly, attending the UK horror convention with my friend Monica back in July.

We met Bill Moseley who is very funny and a very good raconteur. I think the MC only asked a couple of questions during his talk because he was so good at jumping from one subject to another. The photo is a bit blurry because Monica was practically vibrating with excitement at that point.


Gunnar Hansen was very quiet and gentle. He was amused when I told him that TCM is one of my comfort movies because however bad my life gets, it reminds me that at least I’m not being chased through the woods by Leatherface.


Ken Foree was very charming (and tall!), and was equally happy to talk about Kenan and Kel as he was Dawn of the Dead. We ended up giving him advice on where to eat in Sheffield during his stay.


We saw Tom Savini on the second day. He actually brought a bull whip to his talk and split a sheet of paper in half with it, which was AWESOME.


Long story short, I spent a silly amount of money on signed photos and merchandise, and I can’t wait to go back for the next one!

As it’s October, my favourite month of the year, I’m going to use it as an opportunity to get back into blogging. I’ve decided to do what I did before and make a creepy list for every day until Halloween. It’s already the 3rd so I’m a little behind but I have my lists planned out so it shouldn’t take me too long to get back into things!