Well I managed to screw that up pretty quickly! Apologies for completely falling off the wagon when it came to keeping up with my Halloween advent calendar. The internet at my new house is really crappy and work has been kind of time consuming as well. But enough excuses. I intend to post the remaining lists I had set up over the next couple of days and then hopefully get back into the swing of things a bit more.

So without further ado, here are ten pets in horror films that really made their mark.

  1. Jonesy (Alien, Aliens)

Jonesy is one hell of a ballsy cat. The sole survivor along with Ripley of the doomed Nostromo, Jones faces down the Xenomorphs and even survives the sequel, where Ripley has the good sense to leave the cat at home.

2. Beast (The Hills Have Eyes)

While his sister Beauty departs fairly early in Wes Craven’s classic, Beast the German Shepherd plays a pivotal role in defending his family from the cannibalistic clan.

3. Jezebel (The Sentinel)

I don’t care if it’s actually a demon, I want to go to this cat’s fabulous birthday party!

4. Snowball (Hausu)

The fluffiest, sweetest, friendliest demon cat you will ever meet. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what the hell is going on in this film but I do know that Snowball is badass.

5. Inga (Phenomenon)

Donald Pleasace plays a wheelchair-bound entomologist in Argento’s bizarre horror, and he lives with his chimp companion who cares for him and is also pretty handy with a straight razor.

6. E-Buzz (Poltergeist)

This dog is a rebel. He steals food from sleeping family members, does tricks for the ghostly presence plaguing the Freeling household and then skips town with Robbie. E-Buzz has zero fucks to give.

7. Spider (The Woman in Black)

Spider the terrier is a faithful companion to Arthur Kipps at Eel Marsh House, and is incredibly ballsy for such a small dog.

8. Nanook (The Lost Boys)

Nanook loyally protects Sam throughout the film, being able to identify vampires. He even helps to kill Paul during the mass vampire culling at the end of the film.

9. Ella (Monkey Shines)

The second simian nurse in this post, Ella definitely falls on the psychotic side, growing pathologically jealous of her charge with whom she has developed a psychic bond, and killing off anyone she sees as a threat to their relationship.

10. Chips (Dawn of the Dead, 2004)

Chips the dog is pretty much the hero of this film, bravely facing down zombies in order to take food to a man trapped in another building. While this mission doesn’t exactly go to plan, Chips manages to survive.