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  1. Jikininki (Japanese Buddhism)

These demons are very similar to wendigos in that they are the the spirits of humans who are punished for their evil acts in life by being cursed to hunt and consume human flesh in death. They can look like normal humans during the day but are forced to reveal their true horrifying appearance at night.

2. Lamashtu (Sumerian)

A female demon who menaces pregnant women and attempts to steal babies in order to eat them. She is seen as a patroness of deformity and was once allied with Pazuzu (Yes, the one made famous in the Exorcist franchise).

3. Abaddon (Christian)

Abaddon, whose name means ‘destruction’, is the ruler of the abyss and is in command of an army of locusts.

4. Balor (Celtic)

Balor is a cyclopean giant who can wreak destruction and blight with his gaze.

5. Baphomet (Christian)

Also known as the Sabbat demon, Baphomet is associated with witches and is often depicted as the goat-headed demon holding ceremony at their Sabbats. The demon’s iconic appearance was first depicted by 19th century occultist Eliphas Levi, but Baphomet can be traced back to Medieval Europe and the crusades, and was almost certainly created as an embodiment of the ‘evil’ of Islam. Now that really is scary.

6. Zozo Demon

This one has gained notoriety over the past few years, with many people claiming to have come into contact with it through the use of oiuja boards, though reports date back to the lte 19th century. The demon is said to attach itself to people in some cases, causing sickness, accidents and even possession.

7. Odokuro/Gashadokuro (Japanese)

These demons are giant skeletons made from the bones of people who have starved to death. They attack travelers in order to drink their blood.

8. Yenaldooshi (Navajo)

These are skinwalkers who wear the skins of coyotes and prey on humans by night. They were once humans who gained their diabolical power through killing someone close to them.

9. Lamia (Greek)

In Greek mythology Lamia was a beautiful woman who was one of Zeus’s mistresses. Hera found out about her and killed her children. Driven mad with grief, Lamia set about stealing and eating other people’s children until her evil acts caused her to become a flesh-eating demon. Seems like all the problems in Greek mythology stem from Zeus not being able to stop putting his dick in places it shouldn’t be.

10. Eurynome (Christian)

A prince of Hell who feeds on carrion and has a dark complexion and huge teeth. Weirdly, he evolved from Greek mythology where Euronome was a beautiful woman. Not entirely sure how that jump was made!