1. The Vampire Lestat


Lestat would add a touch of old-school sophistication to the soiree. Plus, he’s a notorious troublemaker so that should keep things interesting.

2. Frederick Loren


He would be in charge of setting up the after-dinner games.

3. Ellen Ripley


Because you can never go wrong with a BAMF cat lady

4. Lord Summerisle


As long as the apple harvest has been good that year, he could serenade us with bawdy songs and encourage some good old fashioned debauchery.

5. Van Helsing


Peter Cushing’s portrayal naturally. Just don’t sit him next to Lestat.

6. Dick Hallorann


I have a soft spot for Hallorann. I feel like he would get along well with Ripley.

7. Sarah


Day of the Dead‘s Sarah is another lady who won’t take any shit and can tell us all stories about her scientific discoveries.

8. Elise Rainier


I would love to see her interacting with Hallorann. Besides, I bet she’d have some great stories about her demon hunting days.

9. Herbert West

RE-ANIMATOR, Jeffrey Combs, 1985

He would be the kooky guy in the corner. I predict he would get into a debate with Sarah about the nature of the undead.

10. Mary Shelley


Mary would doubtlessly find ample inspiration for her next masterpiece, and could end the evening’s entertainments by telling us all some spooky stories.